Link 28 Jul Partypillars by Krisjet»

A new update for Partypillars is out! Now with a proper fullscreen button, a “join game” to make it easier for you controller types out there, and some other UI stuff. It’s also possible to play team mode with uneven teams now, like 2 versus 1 or even 3 versus 1. Go play!

Link 18 Jul Anatomy Of A Successful Attack « Aztez – A Game of Conquest and Brutality»

Super juiceful… I mean useful write up about different juicy techniques to make the impact of an attack in a game more satisfying. All of this stuff can be used in hundreds of different ways of course.

Link 17 Jul Give your sprites depth with sub-pixel animation»

Found this cool tutorial about sub-pixel animation on! Useful info for pixel artists.

Link 11 Jul Partypillars by Krisjet»

I just posted my birthday game from last year, Partypillars, on I also added much needed controller support, so grab some friends and controllers and have a blast!

Text 23 May Level 2 gif!

Link 19 May 1 note Video: The value of making games with artists from other fields»

Just Pippin Barr being awesome as usual.

Text 13 May 1 note Level 1 gif!

Will be posting some Little Big Mansion gifs in the next couple if weeks! Level 1!

Link 8 May»

Just joined this game development community. Looks pretty brilliant so far! Come check it out!

Link 5 May Rad Crew » Spillmakerne 002: In the cavern of sound»

The second episode of our game developer podcast is out! This time there’s an interview with Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Badland, Broforce) and Eirik Suhrke (Ridiculous Fishing, Spelunky). The interview is in English, so feel free to skip ahead to that if your Norwegian is somewhat rusty!

Video 11 Apr

Lately I’ve been changing my development environment to Game Maker Studio for future projects. Game Maker is really good for rapidly creating cool 2D games, especially pixel art stuff. As I changed over from HTML5 I noticed that there was something missing… My precious TweenMax.js, which is a very handy javascript based tweening engine, was gone! So I went searching for a replacement. It didn’t take a lot of time before I found this excellent extension over on the forums:

Being pretty new to Game Maker still it took me a little time to understand that I needed to import all the functions and stuff myself, but after I did it worked like a dream! I can heartily recommend it, now I’m tweening things left and right without a hassle!

If you’re making games, and don’t understand why you need a tweening engine, watch this talk now!

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