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Lately I’ve been changing my development environment to Game Maker Studio for future projects. Game Maker is really good for rapidly creating cool 2D games, especially pixel art stuff. As I changed over from HTML5 I noticed that there was something missing… My precious TweenMax.js, which is a very handy javascript based tweening engine, was gone! So I went searching for a replacement. It didn’t take a lot of time before I found this excellent extension over on the forums:

Being pretty new to Game Maker still it took me a little time to understand that I needed to import all the functions and stuff myself, but after I did it worked like a dream! I can heartily recommend it, now I’m tweening things left and right without a hassle!

If you’re making games, and don’t understand why you need a tweening engine, watch this talk now!

Link 9 Apr Rad Crew » Spillmakerne 001: PILOT»

Surprise surprise! We have started a podcast at the office, with the intent of demystifying game development for everyone! The creators are me, sound guy Martin Kvale (Little Big Mansion, Among the Sleep) and game designer and PR person Adrian Tingstad Husby (The Plan and Among the Sleep)! Download and check it out!

PS. The podcast is in Norwegian I’m afraid, sorry about that all you English speakers!

Video 8 Apr
Our very own sound designer and musician Martin Kvale was interviewed by 1ndie World! See him talk about sound design and upcoming projects including our Little Big Mansion!
Text 3 Apr New initiative at Krisjet Game Design

I’m working on wrapping up Little Big Mansion at the moment, fitting all the pieces together, getting the last features in place, squashing bugs, and in doing so I’ve started to realise that I’ve been doing things kind of backwards. I’ve been so obsessed with waiting to show stuff until it’s ready, that it’s been sending me into a lot of dead ends. I realise this happens a lot in game design, but I’m going to try to remedy this with a new initiative: weekly playtesting, every week of the year.

No matter how new or old the project is, no matter how bad it looks or how broken it plays, it will be tested from week one and onwards. It might not be as effective every week, but I’m sure it will be better than nothing, and getting myself into the habit will hopefully give me a healthier perspective on my own work.

The feeling I got from working on Little Big Mansion was that the further it was from your last playtest, the harder it was to do it, which leads into this vicious spiral of untested gameplay. This is what i will try to remedy with my new weekly testing regime!

So, if you’re in the Oslo area and you feel like testing a game or two, send me an e-mail at krisjet at gmail dot com or contact me on twitter: @Krisjet or here on this Tumblr. Hope you’ll be testing one of my games soon!

Text 13 Mar 2 notes Fun Little Big Mansion bug!

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Anonymous asked: Do you want to build a snowman?

Yes, I love building snowmen!

Text 10 Mar Kreat

I made a game inspired by LEGO for a competition sometime before christmas. It’s pretty weird, and didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted. About halfway through development I found out that my original design was hard to get right in such a short amount of time, so I had to compromise my vision a bit, which made them game pretty disjointed.

My original vision was that the game would be about exploration, both in a literal sense, exploring the world around you, but also an exploration of game mechanics. I was very inspired by games such as Starship Pilgrim and Fez, and wanted the game to invoke this weird mythology that the player would be compelled to explore.

About a week into development I found that while the exploration parts were pretty cool I ran out of interesting content fast, and the player would sometimes just be left without any directions, just building in random directions to try and find stuff. At the time I felt like I needed a lot of content to fix this issue, and I tried to fit the game into a more level based structure, creating a sort of puzzle game based on building blocks instead.

In the end the game became a sort of half and half affair, with the first three levels being tutorial/puzzle-based and the last ones being more exploratory, without being great.

The best thing about the game ended up being the awesome music and sound effects from Martin Kvale. It really made the game a lot more interesting than it has any right to be :)

Play Kreat here!

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This game looks amazing!


via TIGTumblr.
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I recently took 4 days out of my busy Little Big Mansion schedule to create a prototype for the annual Norwegian Championship of Gameplay. The game is top down tank shooter, but every time you get hit or fire a shot, your Core Temperature rises, which causes decreased accuracy, severe glitching and ultimately death. If you stop shooting and don’t get hit for a little while your temperature will go back to normal. Edit: I almost forgot to thank my collaborator Martin Kvale for the awesome music and sound work!

Download for Windows


The game are inspired by two things: the old NES game Battle City which I played with my girlfriend and some friends of ours over christmas, and this talk by Jan Willem Nijman:

This talk is just amazing, and it has already had a profound effect on the way I make games.


This is the first time I used Game Maker for a real project. My conclusion is that it’s great for rapid prototyping! Recommend trying it out, especially if you are working on 2D stuff.


I really love how this prototype turned out, especially the graphics. After Little Big Mansion is done I think there is a decent chance I use the same graphical style for a different project, I already have some interesting ideas on how to use this glitching for something completely different. Hope you guys like it as well!

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Looking for an awesome christmas gift? Look no further!

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